Workspace can contain up to 8 laps

Each lap in the LapSim workspace contains vehicle setup data, driving line and data traces

There are two possibilities in which a lap can be simulated by LapSim:

The first option is to load on-car recorded data into LapSim, creating a post processed data lap. Part of the post processing is to calculate the driving line of the real vehicle out of the data. This calculated driving line can subsequently be used to create a simulated data lap.

The second option is to use a driving line out of the track database supplied by LapSim. These driving lines are based on geographical data and thereby more accurate than a driving line calculated out of on-car recorded data. The negative is that they do not enable a comparison to real car data.

Establishing correlation between model and reality

Loading on-car car recorded data into LapSim, means combining it with a vehicle setup, leading to post-processed on-car recorded data lap

In order to post-process on-car recorded data, it needs to be combined with a LapSim vehicle set-up file.

Part of the post processing is determining the driving line out of the data. With the combination of the calculated driving line and vehicle setup a simulation run can be made.

A post processed on-car recorded data lap can be identified by having "Lap:" in the name, followed by the laptime. Running a simulation based on this on-car recorded data, creates a simulation lap with the same name, except "Lap" is changed into "LapSim" followed by the laptime of the simulation model.

LapSim workspace can contain up to 8 laps of data

If a lap of post-processed on-car recorded data is selected, LapSim checks if a simulation lap based on this on-car data is present. If not, a button "Calculated Simulation Run" appears in the left top corner.

Pressing the button causes LapSim to calculate a simulation lap. The simulation results run can subsequently be compared with the on-car recorded data, enabling proper model validation.

Only simulation, no on-car recorded data necessary

A driving line plus a vehicle setup leads within LapSim to a simulated lap

The other option to create a simulation lap is to load a track out of the LapSim database and subsequently load a LapSim vehicle set-up file.

With both a driving line and a vehicle setup present in the workspace, LapSim will enable a simulation. The resulting simulation lap will have "LapSim" followed by the laptime, followed by the "(" vehicle setup file name ")".

LapSim workspace can contain up to 8 laps of data

If you change one of the parameters of the vehicle, the "Recalculate Simulation Run" button will appear in the left top corner of the LapSim GUI.

Subsequent running of the simulation model will create a new data lap, with a '*' added to the vehicle setup file name. With the second change of the vehicle setup, "[2]", etc is added after the vehicle setup name.

Control of the LapSim workspace of up to 8 laps

The LapSim workspace can contain up to 8 laps, each of which contains vehicle setup parameters, track parameters and data traces.

Under the file menu you will find the options to control parts or the complete workspace of LapSim. With "Close Analysis Lap" you can delete a specific lap or delete the complete workspace if necessary.

The workspace control can be found under the file menu in LapSim

Furthermore there is the option to save and load the complete workspace for later use. But you can also just save the vehicle setup or a driving line with addition circuit parameters for later use. Just select the appropriate lap and save what you want to save.