Analyzing the influence of circumstances

Example of the wind influence on the track map

The wind menu enables the user to add wind influences to the vehicle.

The additional wind speed influences the aerodynamic forces of the vehicle. LapSim looks at the current angle of the track and subsequently calculates how much the aerodynamic speed differs from the actual vehicle speed.

Fixed values for the complete track

One specifies on LapSim the angle of the wind and the speed

In the edit boxes you can specify the wind speed in [km/h] and the direction.

The direction is relative to the direction of the track compared to the direction of the track at the lap trigger.

Fine tuning the influence

Specification of the relative influence of the additional windspeed on the aerodynamics

In the three edit boxes you can specify if the addition wind effects the individual parts of the aerodynamic 1 tot 1 or less.

Especially when downforce is heavily caused by the underfloor, additional wind speed does not create 1 to 1 more downforce.