Preselections of data traces

The plot menus enable you to compare on-car data, analyse the correlation between on-car and simulated data, or compare simulation runs.

To serve those purposes we have made a preselections of data traces. Which means there is little effort from the user necessary, but it automatically also means there is little flexibility. In this menu we hope we can convince you of our approach.

Simulation laps as well as on-car data laps

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the selection of laps to compare

In the listboxes below the graphs with traces, you can select the two laps you want to see.

The right listbox generating the white lines is the 'main' lap, the same as been selected under "Window". The left listbox shows to which lap it is compared, generating the black lines.

Right mouse click drag and drop

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing a zoom action in progress

Press the right mouse button to engage zooming action. Move the mouse in either horizontal or vertical direction, dependent in which direction you want to zoom.

The zoom area appears to give you feedback. Release of the right button determines the end of the zoom area.

Printscreen of the zoom action in th eplot menus, showing the zoomed area with the values of the middle point

LapSim will subsequently update all graphs. In the middle of zoomed area a yellow line appears. On either axis the value of the data traces is shown.

Double click in either graph to go back to the full lap.

Right mouse click drag and drop

Printscreen of part of the LapSim GUI showing the driving line in the plot menus without any zooming action

It is also possible to zoom in the track map. Click the right mouse button to determine the starting position of the zoom area.

LapSim continuously determines the point at the track which is the closest to the cursor. So you do not need to follow the track precisely.

Printscreen of part of the LapSim GUI showing the zooming action in the driving line with reaction in the plot graphs

Move the mouse along the track. The zoom area will appear in all the plots.

Release the mouse button to finish the zooming action.

The double click option to return to the full lap, also works in this plot.

Left mouse button engaged

Printscreen of part of the plot graphs showing the effect of the left mouseclick engaged

With a left mouse click you are able to shift the yellow line which is a the centre of a zoomed area. The values of the data traces are continuously updated to values at the yellow line.

The position where you release the mouse will become the new centre of the zoom area.

Left mouse button engaged

Printscreen of part of the LapSim GUI showing the driving line with the left mouseclick engaged, moving a zoomed area over the driving line

After you have a zoomed area, the track map will enable you to scroll over the complete lap.

Click with the left mouse button engaged in the track figure. Move the cursor along the lap in the track map. LapSim continuously makes the cursor point the middle of the zoomed area.