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Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing a overview of the boost strategy for a lap

The hybrid system is relatively simple compared to the high tech electro turbo hybrid Le Mans and F1 cars, with their very much extended operation modes.

We do not foresee hybrid systems become mainstream in the lower race classes. Therefor there is no further development done is this area.

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the functioning of the hybrid system in one corner

Boost strategy

In the track figure in the GUI, the corners where boost is delivered are made orange.

By selecting a corner in the list box, one can change the boost parameter for this corner from 0 to 100% and vice versa.

LapSim will always try to boost all the energy which is recovered in one lap.

Constant torque till max power point

Figure showing the torque and power characteristic of an Electromotor used in LapSim hybrid system

One specifies the maximum power in combination with the rpm at which the maximum power is reached. It is assumed that the electro motor has a constant torque till the maximum power point.

Above the maximum power point, the characteristic of the electro motor is such that the power decreases till zero @ double the max power rpm.

In conjunction with the combustion engine

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing a pushbutton to change between the two hybrid variants

One can chose between one electro motor in conjunction with the engine, or a concept of two electro motors integrated the front wheels.

The first variant can be seen in the left picture. In this case the rpm of the Emotor relative to the engine rpm.

2 electro motors integrated in front wheels.

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing a pushbutton to change between the two hybrid variants

With this second option the rpm of the electro motors is relative to the vehicle speed.

Because there are two electro motors, this option provides the opportunity to have torque vectoring.

Simplified system to analyse principle

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the parameters to define the exhaust energy recovery system

There is an option to simulate an exhaust energy recovery system.

It is assumed that the amount of energy out of the exhaust is a percentage of the momentary total energy the engine delivers. Secondly one should specify if there is a power loss the combustion engine.

The basics are there. If one would like to properly analyse such system, it can be extended.