How to get working with LapSim

On this page you find an outline of LapSim functionality based on its philosophy.

The approach, the structure of the software, loading on-car data, etc. Functions which are the same for the free version as for the licensed version. Steps you need to take to get working with LapSim.

Guidelines how to install LapSim on your computer

Please create a folder "LapSim" under C:\ and copy the LapSim installation file in there.

Double click on the installation file to get the installation progress under way. You will be asked a few questions, please answer them with Yes, Next or Finish.

LapSim is completely programmed in Matlab 2013b. In order to run LapSim, the 'engine' of Matlab (=MCR) needs to be running in the background.

Understand the structure and approach of LapSim

The LapSim workspace can contain up to 8 laps, each of which contains vehicle setup parameters, a driveline with track parameters and vehicle data.

The vehicle data can either be post processed on-car recorded data ('Lap' in the name) or data from the simulation model ('LapSim' in the name).

Adapt a standard LapSim setup to your vehicle

The easiest way to make a setup of your own vehicle in LapSim is to alter the standard set-up file of LapSim, “StandardSetup”, which can be found in the “VehiclePara” subdirectory.

Alternatively you can check whether one of the supplied setups in the subdirectory “basic setups” comes close. Please be aware that in the free version mode, you are only able to adjust the vehicle parameters shown in the figure.

Driveline created out of geographical data

We have created a database of drivelines based on geographical circuit coordinates. This database will gradually be expanded to most of the main racetracks in the world.

These geographical based tracks will be extended in the future to enable adjustments to the driving line.

Hereby creating a possibility for you to find the best, fastest, combination of setup and driveline.

Finding the correlation with the simulation model

You can directly load a BOSCH *.bin or *.bmsbin file, or AIM's *.xrk file into LapSim. Alternatively you can make a *.csv export file from AIM, Motec or Race Technology, which can be loaded into LapSim.

LapSim has many features to help you get a good correlation between model and reality, which from our point of view is vital for a good simulation model.