Choose the value which suits you best

LapSim figure showing a power and torque curve of an engine

In the engine menu, one specifies the wide open throttle torque/power curve of the engine.

The throttle signal of LapSim is a percentage of this wide open throttle value.

One can choose to specify either torque or power values. Push the button or click on the individual areas to select either one.

in either 200 or 500 [rpm] points

Screenshot of the LapSim GUI showing the selected rpm points of the torque curve which can be edited

You can select which rpm range you wish to edit. This can be done by clicking in the figure, which will select the corresponding rpm range. Or you can press one of the two rpm buttons to shift the selected range up or down.

The maximum value of either torque or power is also shown in an editbox. Changing this value will shift the complete power or torque curve.

Braking the vehicle and ingoing torque for LSD

Screenshot of the LapSim GUI where the engine brake torque can be specified

The specified engine brake torque helps to brake the vehicle when off throttle.

Next to that, it determines the ingoing torque in the limited slip differential. This together with the specified ramp angles, leads to the locking force of the differential.

Ultimate shifting point

Screenshot of the shifting points in a gearbox diagram, in this case at the rev limiter

The rev limiter determined where the engine power is cut. It is the ultimate shifting point for LapSim.

LapSim has the option to stay in the rev limiter instead of shifting up just before a corner, should this be benificial.