Specifying the drivetrain of your vehicle in detail

LapSim Figure drivetrain menu to select

Each Drivetrain Parameter menu is explained on an individual webpage which will give you more information about the influence of the parameters in this specific menu as well as an explanation about special features which are programmed in LapSim.

Transfering traction force of the driven wheels

The differential menu allows the user to specify what kind of differential is mounted in the vehicle.

Limited slip with or without preload. Variable ramp angles for drive and brake. Additional one can specify a viscous part.

Power, torque and brake force of the engine

In the engine menu, one specifies the wide open throttle torque/power curve of the engine.

The throttle signal of LapSim is a percentage of this wide op throttle value.

Gear ratios, final drive, efficiency and shift time

In the gearbox menu the gearbox ratios are specified as well as final drive, drivetrain efficiency and shift time.

4 to 7 speed gearbox, with or without additional drop gear.

Hybrid system is only on consultancy basis

The hybrid menu allows to add a hybrid system to the vehicle.

It is a relatively simple, call it first generation, hybrid system compared to the high tech electro turbo hybrid Le Mans and F1 cars. Nevertheless, it is available. Its functioning is described in this menu.

Relevance more for street legal cars than pure race cars.

In the gearbox menu, you can select a straight line acceleration option.

A acceleration graph will appear, with times to dedicated speeds and distances highlighted.

You can click in the figure to get extra information at the selected point.