Add additional details to the track layout

On this page you can see an overview of all the circuit parameters menus which can be used to optimise the basic track layout calculated out of the on-car recorded data.

Selecting one of the individual menus which will give you more information how the parameters in this specific menu can be added to basic track lay-out.

Define corner points for local minimum speeds

This menu shows the driving line of the track, specifies the position of identified corners with their minimum radius points.

The corner points define local minimum speed points due to local minimum radius. The position of the corner points determines where the braking model changes in the acceleration model.

Add banking to parts of the track

In the banking menu, one can add banking to specific areas of the track.

Due to banking lateral acceleration of the vehicle will lead to addition vertical load on the tires.

Specifying track elevation

In the height menu one adds elevation to the track layout.

The elevation will lead to additional longitudinal resistance.

Change local and global track grip

The grip menu allows the user to alter the grip of the track, globally as well as locally.

The specified grip factor is multiplier for the standard tire characteristics. We personally do not favour the use of local grip factors unless it is clear that in that area there is a different surface.

Add global wind and specify influence on aerodynamics

The wind menu enables the user to add wind influences to the vehicle.

The additional wind speed influences the aerodynamic forces of the vehicle. In the menu one can specify in which amount this valid for each of the aerodynamic parameters.

Driveline created out of geographical data

We have created a database of drivelines based on geographical circuit coordinates. This database will gradually be expanded to all of the main racetracks in the world.

These geographical based tracks will enable a future feature to alter the driving line.

That will enable you to find the best, fastest, combination of setup and driveline.