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The chassis license will enable you to specify your vehicle by about 125 parameters. With these parameters it is possible to get a very good correlation between any car and the simulation, from a sports car on street tires, to a F1.

LapSim aims at delivering answers instead of raising more questions. On this page the main parameter menus are discussed, to give you an indication.

Add weight distribution and cross weight

The chassis license will enable you to change longitudinal and lateral weight balances as well as cross weight.

Unsprang masses and the mass moment of inertia of turning parts can be adjusted to your vehicle specs.

Rideheight and wing angle dependent aeromap

With a chassis license you can specify 3D rideheight aerodynamic map in a 5 by 5 format.

Furthermore there is the option to create an wing position dependent offset for drag and downforce, making it a 4D aero map.

Alter the front and rear tire characteristics

You are able to tune the tire characteristics more in detail. Corner stiffness, peak performance slip, load dependency, camber influence and combined slip.

Tire definition is of course vital for any simulation, but one should not make things over complicated.

Multi spring configuration possible, including bumpstops

Mono-, double- or triple configuration are possible. With or without helper spring. Bump stop and rebound limiter can separately be specified.

All made comprehensive. Just change the parameters and look in the figure for the resulting characteristic.

Define the checking forces of the suspension kinematics

the suspension menus will enable you to add kinematic influences to the simulation.

They determine which amount of the tire forces are used to support the vehicle body, as well as the changing camber position due to steering input and suspension travel.

Different ramp angles, preload and visco LSD

The limited slip differential can be specified with ramp angle, friction faces, preload with or without an additional visco.

The figure on the GUI shows the resulting characteristic, dependent on ingoing torque and speed of the differential.

Fully adjustable 4 to 7 speed gearbox specification

You are able to choose between 4 to 7 speed gearbox and specify the individual gears. Gearshift time as well as efficiency can be specified.

LapSim will calculated automatically the optimal shift points by maximizing traction force.