Helping you to understand and proceed with your vehicle

This page gives you an overview of the tools programmed in LapSim to analyse your data as well as your vehicle.

It is not only about data analysis. it is also about enabling you to get a good correlation between your on-car data (real world) and you simulation model. And it is about getting as much information out of the simulation as possible.

3D respresentation of the data traces

The animation looks like a gimmick. And it may certainly have such a flavour about it.

But it enables you to look at about 25 parameters, data traces in one sight. You have a feel how a car should look like. So you quickly see if there is something wrong.

Preselected combination of data traces

The plot menus enable you to compare on-car data, analyse the correlation between on-car and simulated data, or compare simulation runs.

To serve those purposes we have made a preselection of data traces. Which means there is little effort from the user necessary, but it automatically also means there is little flexibility. In this menu we hope we can convince you of our approach.

Helping you to get a good correlation with reality

One of the reasons of working with a preselection of shown data traces, is the option to program features to adjust the simulation results to speed up the correlation process.

This menu gives you an overview of the features which can be found in the plot menus.

Setup advice to improve the laptime of your model

Within the setup overview menu there are several features programmed to help you to improve the laptime of the given setup on the used track.

In this menu we describe which features there are and explain how they are calculated.

Sensitivity of setup variables for a specific track

LapSim has the possibility programmed to run a scalable amount of setup variations.

in this menu it is explained which options there are. Similar like the plot menus, we made the options as we needed them in our work, which means there is not flexibility. In the menu we try to explain why.